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Five things on Friday is a weekly* newsletter written by me**, James Whatley, delivered to your inbox, every Friday***.

By day, I'm a strategist and writer. By night, I'm a Dad, gamer, movie fan, comic book reader, and all round, general nerd.

This newsletter occasionally covers off some of those things some of the time but in the main, it's just a collection really interesting stuff that I find/read/consume while staring (or not) at the glass in my hand.

All mixed up with a healthy dose of thought/commentary/etc (when there's time). 

In short: I write about stuff I like. Lots of people tell me they like it so maybe you might as well. 

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**Like, 99.9% of the time (but I'll tell you if it's ever not me).
***By 'every Friday', I mean 'sometimes it comes on Saturday or Sunday'.
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